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Humble Workhorse and Beyond

The 1950's were the glory days for Chevrolet style. In following years the 'B body' Impalas and Caprices still looked good, but Useful ruled over Flashy. In fact, these cars were so reliable and useful that they came to be taken completely for granted. Taking care of the workhorse jobs, as any cop movie from the 80's and 90's shows, just blending into the background. Finally consumers quit noticing these cars too and the Caprice nameplate faded away in 1996.
Or did it? Look around - these cars are still out there. In my Georgia, USA hometown they still seem to outnumber Hondas and Camrys, and not just because millions were produced. It's because they are still useful. A faded '77 Box Chevy Caprice faithfully carries its owner to school and that job at Krispy Kreme. An '84 Caprice won't let a busy mom down on her trip to the laundromat. For those living near the edge, finding one of these cars assures a reliable, cheap, and safe ride for many years to come, even if there isn't always money to maintain.
1982 Chevy Caprice from dealer brochure And what was that about style? These cars prove the saying, Form Follows Function. They do look great because they fit the job they were made for. The chiselled, businesslike lines of a Squareback Chevy define a style of their own - a classic style that will long outlast its builders.
And shows off those dub hoopties at their best. Yes, these cars notorious for utility and value are a cult to those that want to ride big. So the old smokers with dangling exhaust pipes, peeling vinyl tops and bathroom towel upholstery are fading away after all - to be replaced by the tytest rydes in town.
Whether you own a Box Chevy Caprice for its value, or for its style, or for what you can do to it, hang out for a bit and enjoy Squareback Attack!