By the direction of Henry Shultz founder of Hamburg:

I have resurveyed the Town and made such alterations in the original plan as have been rendered necessary by the order of the Legislature of this State: for widening, extending, and changing the name of Kimbrel Street to that of Centre Street and by completion of the Rail Road from Charleston accurately designated in the above Map.
The letters A B and D designate three Springs of pure Water elevated in the Bluff several feet above the level of the highest part of the Town.

The Branch running in at the end of Centre Street flows from three excellent Springs, four hundred yards from the Town line and fifteen feet above its level. The water from the Springs is conveyed by a Ditch along Centre to Cobb Street and in that Street to the upper and lour boundarys of the Town.

The direct Road leading from the Bridge runs on a high embankment, and at E and F are guard Gates which can be closed and the Ditches immediately filled with Water or in great freshets will keep out the back water of the River from the lour parts of the Town.

The Town is elevated from Thirty to Thirty six feet above the level of the River in common summer Water and terminates at the northern Boundary in a beautiful Bluff rising from seventy to one hundred feet above the same level.

Certifd 23d February 1835
(s) Thos Anderson DS

From the original at Tompkins Library, Edgefield, SC

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